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Shadow Kiss is a vampire novel written by Richelle Mead. It is the third novel in the Vampire Academy series and was preceded by Frostbite. The release of the book pushed the Vampire Academy series into the New York Times Best Seller list for the first time, making its debut at #4. Shadow Kiss continues the story of the main character. Rose Hathaway and her education in becoming a Guardian.


Rose, in shock over Mason’s death, prepares with the rest of the novices for the Qualifying Exam. In which the novices protect. The Moroi students from “attacks” by “Strigoi” their Dhampir teachers. Rose is positive that she will be paired with Lissa, but instead is paired with Christian Ozera, while Eddie Castile (Mason’s best friend) is paired with Lissa.

Rose complains to her teachers but ultimately resigns herself to guarding Christian. During the first attack on Christian, Rose sees Mason’s ghost and freezes – and is accused of being a sore loser by her teachers. In a sudden twist, Christian is the only person who truly believes that Rose didn’t screw up on purpose.

Meanwhile, Rose overhears that Victor Dashkov’s trial is coming soon and that she and Lissa aren’t going to be called to testify. She begs Dimitri to find a way to get them into the trial, and he promises to see what he can do. Adrian and Lissa are growing closer (in a teacher-student sense) while practicing their Spirit use, making Christian jealous.

After Rose settles a fight between Lissa and Christian, she begins to sense changes in herself – mainly feelings of intense anger (even more than is usual). Christian is also approached by Jesse Zeklos to join a secret “club” he and Ralf have started, though Christian turns them down. Rose becomes suspicious, and tries to learn more about this club, which she later learns is called “Mână”.

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