Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants pdf

Water for Elephants is a historical novel by Sara Gruen, written as part of National Novel Writing Month.


The story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski, a 93-year-old man who lives in a nursing home. Jacob is told what to eat and what to do.

As the memories begin, Jacob is a 23-year-old Polish American preparing for his final exams as a Cornell University veterinary student. When he receives the devastating news that his parents died in a car accident. Jacob’s father was a veterinarian. Jacob had planned to join his practice.

He has a breakdown and leaves his Ivy League school just short of graduation. In the dark of night, he jumps on a train. A circus train belonging to the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. On the train he is befriended by Camel. An old man and circus veteran, who persuades his companions not to throw Jacob off the train.

When the owner of the circus, Uncle Al, learns of his training as a vet. He is hired to care for the circus animals. This leads Jacob to share quarters with a dwarf named Walter. His dog Queenie. A few weeks later Jacob is summoned to take a look at Camel. who, after drinking “Jake” adulterated Jamaican ginger extract for many years, can’t move his arms or legs. Fearing Camel will be red-lighted thrown off a moving train as punishment or as severance from the circus to avoid paying wages. Jacob hides him in his room.

The equestrian director, August, is a brutal man who mistreats the animals in his care and the people around him. He can also be charming and generous. Jacob develops a guarded relationship with August and his wife. Marlena, with whom Jacob falls in love. August is suspicious of their relationship and beats Marlena and Jacob.

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